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Privacy app: The Only Solution for Personal Data Protection

The massive data breaches in the last year have proven one thing for sure, data on the cloud isn’t safe! Not even in the...
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e-KYC using Aadhaar for Digital Identity Authentication: How Does It Work?

Not very long ago, getting a KYC was considered a headache by most. It meant locating a KYC centre in your area and then...
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e-KYC: Will it Solve Digital Identity issues?

KYC or Know Your Customer is an important procedure that businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies carry out for customer authentication. The introduction of...
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Online Identity Issues: Is Digital Locker app an answer to this?

We live in such times where having a Digital Identity has become indispensable. From voting to something as basic as getting a new phone...
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How e-kyc Can Help verify Digital Identity During (and after) Covid-19?

As the world and the global economy continues to react and respond to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we can be sure that the post-corona...
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How is Digital Identity In Danger? Can a Digital Locker help?

What plagues 1 in every 15 people, finds a new victim every 2 seconds, has potentially led to losses of over 2 trillion dollars...
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