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Digital Identity Management: The future ahead

In the modern digital world, everyone and everything has a digital identity. Digital identity allows systems, technology, and apps to know who they are...
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Public and Private Keys to Secure your Digital Identity

In any Identity storage system, personal data is vulnerable to being accessed or intercepted and read by unauthorized users, during storage or when it...
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Safeguarding your Digital Identity with Zero -Knowledge Storage

In the modern world of digitization when everyone is dealing with online data transactions, they are somewhere compromising on their own data security. It’s...
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Data is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power

Data breaches & digital document ID frauds have been dealt with by privacy apps such as Cove Identity to help share personal data with...
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Online Identity Theft: Big Concern for Parents and Teens

Today, more than 3.7 billion people on the planet have access to the internet, that’s almost 40% of the population. The number was less...
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Dawn Of Self-Sovereign Digital Identity using End to End Encryption

What is the scale of the internet? It’s almost impossible to precisely quantify the size of this dynamic, ever-growing behemoth. But data stored on...
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