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You Now Pay With Your Privacy, Not Only Money

India has already been rocked by some serious data breaches in the first half of 2021. Here's what it means for your digital identity.
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Cove 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) Revolution for Secure Digital Identity

Have you been using your cat’s name followed by an “&” as an important account password and using a few of its iterations in...
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Digital Identity Revolution with Cove Wallet

Ever imagined how the primitive caveman lived? Just looking into your wallet and the sheer amount of documents that you have to carry will...
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Digital Locker: The Vault to Secure Your Digital Identity and Digital Assets

In the modern, digital-first world where everyone is dealing with online transactions and virtual data records, data security emerges as a prime area of...
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Identification for Development; Key to Inclusive Growth

Every citizen of each country needs to have a legal identity for the government to be able to deliver financial benefits as well as...
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Understanding digital identity and good practices to secure it!

A digital identity is information about an individual, organization, or electronic device that exists online. Digital identity is well and truly established as one...
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