Digital Locker: The Vault to Secure Your Digital Identity and Digital Assets

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In the modern, digital-first world where everyone is dealing with online transactions and virtual data records, data security emerges as a prime area of concern. Data has become the new currency and seems to be a necessary evil. Every bit of personal data that you share online, whether for complex financial transactions or simple forms, is vulnerable to abuse.

Some of our most precious possessions today are in the digital format and data is fastly becoming the most valuable asset of the 21st century. Online digital vaults for sensitive and treasured electronic files are the safety deposit box of the future

What is a Secure Vault?

A digital vault is a secure online platform where you can collect and maintain your digital assets and logins, and share access with the people you trust. Your digital assets include 

  • National IDs like your passport, driving license, and national ID cards
  • Education certificates
  • Asset documents
  • Login information for online accounts (including online banking, brokerage, and cryptocurrency accounts)
  • Loyalty cards, frequent flyer cards, credit cards

Basically, any information that you may want to keep in the most secure places but want to be able to share when needed with relevant institutions or people.

How Does Cove Help in Securing Your Digital Identity?

Cove is a platform that maintains print streams in their native format and stores documents exactly as they were created. It supports multiple presentation formats like HTML, XML/XSLT and PDF. Cove is designed to work seamlessly with existing systems and portals of your mobile.

Cove is a digital vault that uses end to end encryption and a zero-knowledge system, stores the data on a blockchain-enabled decentralized storage system. It’s an AI-driven platform enabling safe and secure sharing of your valuable data.

Lets understand in detail about how Cove makes your online experience ultra-secure.

1. End to end encryption: End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a method of secure communication that prevents third parties from accessing data while it’s transferred from one end system or device to another.

In E2EE, the data is encrypted on the sender’s system or device and only the recipient is able to decrypt it. Nobody in between, be they an Internet service provider, application service provider or hacker, can read it or tamper it.

COVE uses an ultra-secure cloud, which is end-to-end encrypted and you can share all your personal and confidential data safely in just a few clicks.

2. Zero-Knowledge System: In a nutshell, zero-knowledge encryption means that the service provider is absolutely unaware of the users’ data stored on their servers. It is the method of encrypting the data where only you have the access to your data and no one else can decode it (not even the service provider). When it comes to storing files it is safer than storing in a hard drive or hard disc because they are vulnerable to theft or breakdown.

COVE leverages zero-Knowledge protocols to keep customer’s data safe. It is virtually as well as physically impossible for anyone to have access to customer’s private documents, not even the administrators. 

3. Decentralized Storage: When it comes to data storage, here are our options:

  • Physical media: Think HDDs to share films with friends or USB thumb drives for small file storage.
  • Centralized cloud storage: Our data is hosted on a central cloud owned and operated by someone that isn’t you. Your data belongs to them. Sometimes it isn’t even safe.

On the other hand, decentralized cloud storage is where data is stored on a decentralized network across multiple locations by users or groups who are incentivized to join, store, and keep data accessible. The servers used are hosted by people, rather than a single company.

But that doesn’t mean those holding your files can read them. Instead, decentralized storage automatically encrypts files and only you hold the encryption key, guaranteeing your files can only be read by you. Furthermore, through a process of sharding, no single person holding your files has the entirety of it, thus adding an extra layer of security and protection.

Cove protects each bit of your data using AES 256Bit End-to-End Encryption and then stores them on ultra-secure networks and file systems protected by MFA and IFPS technology.

Cove protects all your data with end-to-end encryption and transfers it over IPFS backed decentralized system, you can now chat and share images, videos, files with other people or organization over a completely secure line. Even if a hacker with a supercomputer were to get hands-on your data, there exists no known way to read or see the encrypted contents.

4. AI-driven data organisation: In this fast pace life, it is difficult to categorise each and every document, especially the ones which are used occasionally but are very critical at the time when required, eg. Vaccination card or examination hall ticket.

Also, we don’t want our regularly used important government documents to get lost in the bundles of rarely used documents.

Smart tags and OCR technology embedded COVE is the answer to it, which helps in identifying the document type and organizes them seamlessly, making the whole process of data storage hassle free.

Cove vault allows you to have control on your data always. Download Cove App and secure your online space today!!

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