Safeguarding your Digital Identity with Zero -Knowledge Storage

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Zero Knowledge Storage

In the modern world of digitization when everyone is dealing with online data transactions, they are somewhere compromising on their own data security. It’s suffocating to even imagine that whatever we are reading/writing or even clicking anything online is being monitored by someone or the other. Someone is watching you, keeping an eye on you, or tracking every bit of your activity online. Scary, right??

Data, the new gold

Every bit of personal data that you share online whether for financial transactions or as simple as filling a form is vulnerable to abuse. The prying eyes can be anyone from your internet service provider tracking your online activity, some big shot IT firm sitting in Silicon Valley, or any fake agency going through your online history in the name of national security.

Consider watching “The Social Dilemma” which explains how internet firms like Facebook track their users with dozens of profile markers, keep them addicted to their platform in the name of “engagement” (by making them addicts to brain dopamine release that they get by scrolling, getting likes comments subscribes and shares on their platform), exploit the growth hacking methods to bring billions of people on the platform in a not so useful virtual world. Only years/decades later we shall realize the cost of such platforms’ harm to human society.

Data is the new gold.

Violation of Privacy

Your online date gets exploited as explained above. Besides, it gets hacked, stolen, and leaked all the time. Some examples below,

  • Ransoming of 57 million uber rider and driver accounts.
  • Hacking of 1 billion Yahoo email accounts 
  • Selling of consentless data of 50 million Facebook users accounts

All results of non-anonymized personal data handed over to people we didn’t approve of using, whenever or however as per the choice of the recipient. 

Need of the Hour: There is a need of the hour  for generating a solution where my internet application provider does not know what exactly is hidden inside my vault, in-short                                            


In a nutshell, zero-knowledge encryption means that the service provider is absolutely unaware of the user’s data stored on their servers. It is the method of encrypting the data where only you have the access to your data and no one else can decode it (not even the service provider). 

When it comes to storing files, it is safer than storing in a hard drive or physical copies because they are vulnerable to theft or breakdown.

Understanding ZKS: 

In order to understand this better, suppose you are on a business trip, you rented a room in a hotel where you have a unique key to your room. You can leave your belongings in the room, lock them and go for a meeting. You are relaxed as you know your stuff is safe, being unaware that there is a master key at the reception for the time of emergency.

Now someone breaches the reception with wrong intention and gains access to your belongings. 

Now no matter how secure the door locks are, your belongings are not safe if the provider has a master key for all locks or a  duplicate key

In this case:

  • Room is your account
  • Key is the password
  • Belongings are the data

This is where the Zero-Knowledge Storage concept comes into the picture, if we want our belongings safe, we need a hotel that has no duplicate key to the room. Similarly, if we need our data to be safe, we need a service provider who can’t decode our password.

Security is not just a matter of TRUST

As in the above example, the customer trusts that despite having an alternate key, the hotel will never breach into his room. We at COVE, believe that “data security is not just a matter of trust”. COVE leverages Zero-Knowledge Storage protocols to keep customer’s data safe and secures their digital identity. It is virtually as well as physically impossible for anyone to have access to customer’s private documents, not even the administrators. 

COVE uses ultra-secure cloud-based ZERO KNOWLEDGE STORAGE, which is end-to-end encrypted and secures all your personal and confidential data in just a few clicks. In short, we can’t hurt you with what we don’t know. 

Now you know that whenever you choose an online service for storing or sharing personal data, you should look for an alternate space that is end-to-end encrypted with Zero-knowledge encryption.

Download the Cove Identity App to register your safe online space and secure your digital identity with Zero-Knowledge Storage.

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