Online Identity Issues: Is Digital Locker app an answer to this?

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We live in such times where having a Digital Identity has become indispensable. From voting to something as basic as getting a new phone connection, the need for Digital Identity has grown enormously. But with this what has also grown are the issues related to Personal Data Protection and Secure Sharing. Problems like identity fraud, fake digital IDs, and misuse of children’s digital identities have grown exponentially as has the technology.

Taking the Middle Road to Digital Identity Management

The question that everyone is asking is: who do we trust to resolve these issues? Should we go back to relying on meticulous human efforts or should we stick to technology for finding solutions to its own problems? The answer may be a lot more complex than we think.

  • What we need to take up is an intertwined approach to resolving the problems of online identity where both human and machine intelligence would coalesce to find a viable solution to Personal Data Protection issues.
  • The speed and scalability of machines have the potential to work wonders if paired with the trustworthiness and expertise of the human mind.

How Cove Identity Does It

Cove Identity, a private digilocker, is a specialist with online identity management itself, prefers to take up this intertwined approach. Here’s how we do it:

  • Cove uses its sharply supervised Machine Learning (ML) models to enhance its fraud detection rates across dozens of different document types for secure sharing.
  • Also, our team of digital fraud experts helps our AI system to learn and detect new and/or forged documents.
  • The AI learns to differentiate fraud/forged ones from the non-forged ones from thousands of samples and begins to execute its learning in a short time.
  • The more the AI executes, the more it learns and vice versa thus making a consistent chain of learning and execution.
  • That’s how Cove’s digital fraud detection improves itself constantly without a break, making it a reliable digilocker.

Role of AI and ML

We are now in that era where imagining digital applications without AI and ML is almost impossible. Digital Identity management and fraud detection are no different. Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer massive potential when it comes to replicating learning at a massive scale and they enable us to accomplish that in a much shorter time span.

  • AI can automate repeated, mundane tasks which if done by humans can lead to frequent errors and oversights.
  • By elimination of human error, the overall accuracy and thus reliability of the system is enhanced.
  • AI can learn to recognize patterns fast and implement them right away as it acquires the learning hence making the implementation of new regulations quick and efficient.

Machine learning (ML) comes in as one of the greatest technological marvels of our times. Its true potentials are still being explored but what we use as of now has great use for intelligent systems like the one at Cove Identity.

  • ML is a powerful tool to identify patterns that escape from the human eye.
  • Human verification requires meticulous examination – the efficiency of which can wane over time as the number of documents increases.
  • Stealthy aspects like pixel tampering, font verification, picture-on-picture layover, and API-based ID numbers/security code verification can be efficiently handled using AI and ML.

Finding the Best of the Both Worlds

The current era is highly dynamic – changing and evolving by the split second. While the technology is at its best by far, total reliance on it is still questionable. Hence, a hybrid Man-Machine approach is what’s best for achieving fast, reliable and scalable solutions for digital identity verification processes.

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